Stay in the country to help us improve – Medical and Dental Council to new doctors

mid shot of a medical doctor

The Medical and Dental Council has advised health practitioners not to move out and practice in other countries after their training.

During the induction ceremony of new doctors and dentists, the council expressed worry about the brain drain and said Ghana is losing its professionals to other countries as a result.

A member of the Medical and Dental Council, Dr Constance Addo-Yobo who spoke at the induction ceremony urged the newly qualified professionals to stay in the country to help improve the Ghanaian health system.

They were also urged to explore the country by accepting postings handed to them outside of Accra and Kumasi.

She reiterated her advice to the professionals not to be tempted like some of their colleagues to seek greener pastures in other countries since with that brain drain they are relegating the taxpayer’s investment in their education to the background.


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