Sosu unperturbed by threats to be hauled before the General Legal Council

Sosu unperturbed by threats to be hauled before the General Legal Council

Francis-Xavier Sosu, a legal practitioner and MP for Madina Constituency is not perturbed by threats from the Association of Magistrates and Judges and does not regret his comments that some judges are political in the discharge of their duties.

The fired-up legislator has said he does not mind putting his legal profession on the line to speak the truth.

“Perhaps this may be the end of my legal professional journey, but I do not fear to leave the ‘noble’ profession for cautioning against ‘ignoble’ acts of few bad nuts that can destroy our democracy.”

The Association of Judges and Magistrates was not enthused and have come out to condemn the legislator’s comment, describing it as reckless. The association also said it will report the legislator to the General Legal Council for professional misconduct.

 Mr. Sosu, however, said the report lacks merit.

He previously had issues with the General Legal Council which led to his suspension in 2017 for allegedly over-estimating legal charges.

But this suspension was quashed a year later after a legal challenge.

“I really do not see the basis of any complaint to the General Legal Council. The rules of etiquette of the Bar are not all-encompassing rules of conduct that define how MPs should speak to their constituents.”

He also said he was “deeply worried” about the posturing of the association.

Mr. Sosu stressed that Ghana’s democracy hinges “on the confidence people have in the Judiciary, which appears to be eroding.”

“We risk collapsing our country if the Judiciary cannot take this counsel in good faith,” he added.

“The above core duties would imply that the Association should be interested in people like myself who are bold to ask judges to be apolitical in the performance of their functions of office. The Association cannot achieve any of the above objects when judges become partisan and allow political parties to influence them,” Mr. Sosu argued.

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