REVEALED: The Last Words Of YEA Boss Before Assaulting Girlfriend To Death


Losing a dear one is the hardest thing to bear, this is exactly what the family of the late Elizabeth Yesutor and the entire Volta region are enduring as it stands now. 

On the 8th of March 2021, the family lost their beautiful Elizabeth to the cold hands of death after she was assaulted brutally by her boyfriend Philip Ceazar Kumah.

News reports have it that she was assaulted severally by her boyfriend Kumah yet she didn’t make any efforts to report him to the police. Claims of her boyfriend abusing her severally which sometimes led her to the hospitals has been corroborated by the family and close freiends.

It was with these reasons that they advised Elizabeth to come out of such an abusive relationship yet she failed to pay heed to every piece of advice that was given to her concerning her relationship with Kumah.

Sooner than later, the unexpected happened, she was assaulted once again by her boyfriend which led to her admission at the hospital. She unfortunately could not make it this time around and passed on.

Recent updates on this story revealed the last post of her boyfriend, Kumah on Facebook before assaulting her which resulted in her. The post which was created on the 1st of March 2021 is evident enough that the two love birds were facing challenges in their relationship.

This sad news comes as a surprise to many people who never thought Philip, the deputy boss of the Youth Employment Agency in the district, would do such a thing.

See a screenshot of the post below.

Philip Kumah's last post before he assaulted his girlfriend which resulted in her death.
Philip Kumah’s last post before he assaulted his girlfriend which resulted in her death.

Source: Naomi Martey


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