Private universities want the government to help absorb exorbitant affiliation fees

Private universities want the government to help absorb exorbitant affiliation fees

Professor Obeng Mireku, President of the Wisconsin International University College in Ghana, has petitioned the government to intervene in what he calls “exorbitant” affiliation fees charged by public universities to which private university colleges are affiliated.

He claimed that under the current arrangement, private universities must pay a “heavy” annual service fee of GH135 per student admitted to the affiliated public university per semester.

“Almost all private universities are crying that their affiliation fees are too exorbitant. Every private university has to pay an annual service fee of GH¢135 cedis per student that is admitted per semester. That is very heavy,” Prof. Mireku explained.

The scenario according to Prof. Mireku during an interview with the Daily Graphic at the university’s 18th Matriculation ceremony in Accra said accounted for the exorbitant tuition fees imposed by private institutions.

Prof. Mireku added that “We are inclined to pass it on to the students though we know it overburdens them. If all these things are to be scrapped, it will make the tuition fees lighter and make private universities capable of admitting more students”

Also, Prof. Mireku stated that a number of private colleges were experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic and would require the government’s assistance to continue operating.

He urged the government to help private colleges by providing extra tax breaks and other support mechanisms so that they can continue to provide high-quality education to the public.

“There is a litany of challenges affecting private universities and that would require the support of the government. Government must assist the private universities to continue to provide a quality education because the state alone has proven to be incapable of offering tertiary education in a developing country such as Ghana”.

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