NLC and UTAG to face off in court today


The University Teachers Association of Ghana and the National Labour Commission are set for a showdown in court today over the strike action by UTAG.

Due to the insistence of UTAG members not to get back to the lecture halls the National Labour Commission wants an interlocutory injunction from the high court to compel UTAG members to get back to the lecture halls.

It has been almost four weeks since members of the association embarked on this industrial action to put pressure on the government to restore their 2012 conditions of service.

The 2012 conditions of service pegged the Basic plus Market Premium of a lecturer at $2,084.42.

UTAG has lamented several times about the fact this current arrangement has reduced its members’ basic premiums to $997.84.

 Students bear the brunt as they suffer the effects of the disruption of the academic calendar.

 Meanwhile, the leadership of UTAG have already resolved to face the National Labour Commission in court.

 General Secretary of the University of Ghana Chapter of UTAG, Prof. Ransford Gyampo added that the association remains unshaken by the legal processes.

“The suit doesn’t bother anyone. We knew that was what the NLC was going to do, and we were prepared. They even delayed, and it took them a long time to go to court. The court is presided over by competent judges who will be able to look at the merit of the case. It should be put out there that the earlier case via ex-parte to restrain us from continuing with the strike was not granted by the court. So we are going there on Thursday in person to explain why our strike should continue. That is what we are bent on doing, so we will meet the NLC in court.”

However, the National Labour Commission (NLC) says it is confident it will win the legal battle against the striking lecturers.

Also, Executive Secretary of the National Labour Commission, Ofosu Asamoah said the lecturers do not have a strong case.

“We have till Thursday to go to Court. So we will just wait to make our case. The Court will decide the next move. If indeed UTAG has a point as they insist, the Court will decide that. What matters is that whatever happens is in the best interest of Ghanaians.”

“We are very confident of winning this case. UTAG is well aware of this,” he said.

By: Stella Annan | Twitter @activetvgh

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