NABCo personnel express joy after their arrears have been cleared


Paid Nation Builders Corpse personnel express delight after their arrears were cleared

NABCo personnel at the Independence Square, Accra for an event

After months of complaints and boycotting work, NABCo personnel will be returning to work this week now that they have finally been paid.

During the weekend personnel all over the country were alerted to payments made to their account. Not only were they paid their current allowances, but older outstanding ones were also paid as well.

According to the personnel, they were pleasantly surprised as they were expecting part payment at most.

Speaking with some of them, they revealed that although there was general satisfaction on the turn of events, personnel could not help but harbour some displeasure on the implications of the delay on their funds. 

They revealed that a significant amount will go into offsetting loans accrued over the long-awaited period- these loans come with interests then additional fines for delay in payment. After deductions, they would have little left to depend on and they feel this development makes a little positive impact on their situation. 

Amidst these mixed emotions, NABCO personnel still believe that authorities can improve and do better.

By Jamila Abdul Wahab Follow on Twitter @activetvgh


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