My boss raped me and had me sentenced to Prison- a sad story of a 27-year-old inmate

My boss raped me and had me sentenced to Prison- a sad story of a 27-year-old inmate

A 27-year-old lady from the Afram plains has been sentenced to 2 years imprisonment after being raped by her boss twice. Esther Oppong narrates her story on how she ended up in prison.

According to Esther, she used to work as a mobile money vendor for one man with other colleagues. One day, the man called her to his house to make accounts. When she got there at about 8 pm, the man was drinking tea and offered her some. She said after drinking the tea, she woke up from sleep and realized she had been raped.

The man warned him not to report the issue to anyone and as that was the only job sustaining her and her family, she had no other choice but to yield to her boss’s demands.  Three months later, she was called to make accounts. When she got there, the man entered his room, came back and went behind her and covered her nose with a handkerchief, struggled with her and raped her again.

This time around, she reported to her father, who had travelled. The dad promised to take action upon his arrival but months passed and the dad wasn’t returning. Months later, she started feeling unwell as her sexual part had a sore along with a bleeding nose. She quickly reported it to the boss who raped her. The boss promised to take her to the hospital but later gave an excuse that his doctor will come to see her when he returns since his doctor had travelled. She went on to see a herbalist and upon several diagnoses, she found out she had contracted STD, gonorrhoea to be specific.

Finally, Esther’s father returned and decided to report the issue to the Police but the boss pleaded and told Esther to keep the money she had in her possession for the past months’ work for her upkeep since he was a well notable person in the community.

Esther and her dad agreed to it since the sum was a lofty one. Esther’s dad travelled once again and the boss reported Esther to the Police for stealing his money. At the time, she had used most of the money for her treatment and upkeep, due to that, she couldn’t refund the money and was taken to court. In court, she wanted to present evidence of recorded audio in which the boss promised her the money but she was refused by the judge to present it.

She was then sentenced to two years imprisonment. She said immediately she fainted and was in the hospital for two days. She was taken from the Police station in Donkorkrom without the knowledge of anyone to the Abetifi Police station. She was then taken to Nsawam female Prison.

Esther added that it was at the prison that she had a phone to call her family that she was in prison. She mentioned that she suspects foul play among her former boss and the presiding judge.

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  1. Hmmmmmm,this is the highest form of wickedness and foolishness.sake of money you can’t report someone who took advantage of you???? Then it means you have an idea about it,and is not a rape anymore…aaaaaah.and that stupid boss and his useless presiding judge need some kind of punishment.

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