Most of our students live fake lives on campus – KNUST

Most of our students live fake lives on campus – KNUST

After the back and forth between authorities and students to settle their fees which led to about 6,000 students almost deferred, the University Relations Officer of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Dr Norris Bekoe has revealed that some students who drive on campus can’t send their cars home when school vacates because they cannot explain to their parents how they go their cars.

He said this while justifying the school’s decision to defer the 6,000 students for delayed payments of fees.

“Look, it will amaze you to know that we have students on campus who actually have cars, and when they are on vacation, they can’t take the cars home because they won’t be able to tell their parents how they got those cars,” Dr Norris Bekoe said.

He added “I remember somewhere last year or so, a student had lied to the parent that he was part of the graduating class and the parent had come for his graduation on campus only to find out that the ward was in the second year after being in the school for four years.

“That parent collapsed in the office of the Dean of Students. We had to call the ambulance to resuscitate that parent”

Meanwhile, the management has agreed to extend the deadline for payment of fees for the deferred students by one month. This follows a meeting with the Minister of Education Dr Yaw Osei Adutwum.

On Wednesday management of the KNUST on Wednesday announced that 6,000 students have been deferred for non-payment of their fees. The announcement caused a public outcry with many calling for a reversal of the decision, claiming it was unfair.

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