Miracle Schools Express Sorrow Over Student’s Death As Investigations Are Underway


Miracle Schools express sorrow over the death of their student who committed suicide a few days ago.

Miracle Schools, the institution late Leticia Kyere Pinaman attended have expressed their sorrow at the demise of their final year student who was preparing to write her Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

According to the school, before her demise she was seen at the weekly Bible studies and she later went out under the pretext of visiting the washroom but was unfortunately found dead hanging in the dining hall.

The cause of her demise as of now has not been established but the case has been sent to the Police and the school is fully cooperating with investigation team.

A statement from Miracle Schools

Meanwhile the mother of the deceased has disputed the report. The bereaved mother says the daughter was murdered and hanged so her alleged murder would look like suicide.

She said her daughter was dead before she was hanged by her alleged killer or killers.

“According to the doctor, there was no sign of death by hanging. Her tongue didn’t protrude, she didn’t pass any faecal matter or urine. And that means, she was dead before getting hanged”, she said in twi.

By:Stella Annan |myactiveonline.com


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