Make NABCo personnel posting permanent – Coalition for Restoration

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The Coalition for Restoration is calling on the government to put measures in place to employ the Nation Builders Corps (NABCo) trainees.

The group has been saddened by the plight of NABCo trainees in recent times and the Communications Officer for the Coalition of Restoration Jerry John Gyasi Mensah during an interview on Active Morning Show with Agyenim-Boateng Adjaye said they have taken notice of the uncertainty that has engulfed the NABCo program as to whether the trainees will be made permanent or will have to be relieved off their post. He labelled the situation as a recipe for disaster and he called out the Chief Executive Officer of the program Dr Ibrahim Anyars for continuing to draw a salary from the state even as the issue lingers on.

According to the group, its demand is simple and he puts it “we were all witnesses to the jamboree and march pass that went on in 2018 when the program was launched and did not expect the government to play ‘chaskele’ with the state of the beneficiaries”.

They are however demanding three things from the government which include paying the NABCo beneficiaries their salaries due them which has been accumulated for some months now.

Their second demand is for government to make the beneficiaries permanent staff in their various sectors as there is evidence alluding the fact that prior to the elections government promised to make them permanent.

Thirdly if the government insist on them leaving then they should be compensated. These are the three major demands the group laid bare in solidarity with the NABCo beneficiaries.

The government was also criticized for always using covid as an excuse to why Ghana’s economic situation is in a sorry state with the group stating that it was ironic.

He added that despite all this the Ghana Revenue Authority was able to meet its target for the year and said if the government is able to tackle excesses like corruption, overspending and government luxurious lifestyle we will be able to tackle the situation of employment for our young men and women.

He revealed that the NABCo staff attached to the Ghana Revenue Authority were instrumental in them achieving their revenue mobilization target making a strong case for them to be employed.

On their line of action, the group is set to petition the stakeholders involved and if nothing is done about it they will not hesitate to demonstrate for government to feel the heat in the system.

By: Stella Annan | Twitter @activetvgh

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