Improve living conditions of police to avoid them falling for bad influence – Adib Saani

Improve living conditions of police to avoid them falling for bad influence – Adib Saani

Ghanaians were left in utter shock following the unravelling by the police that some of its own officers were complicit in the bullion van robberies and they have been arraigned before court according to their statement after the investigations.

And taking his turn on discussions on the Active Morning Show, Security Expert Adib Saani on his general overview on some police involvement in criminal activities deemed the situation as worrying given that they[police] are supposed to ensure the safety of the people but they act differently rather becoming the security threats the country has to contend with.

“The police is a human institution which could have some bad nuts but this is not to water down what has happened,” he said, admitting that it is not possible to have a perfect human institution since every person in the institution has a different orientation. 

He noted that attempts by the current Inspector General of Police, Dr George Akuffo Dampare to bring that trust and good relationship between the police and the citizenry could be affected in a way but then expressed that “it is a wake-up call for the police to take rigid measures to clear their house”.

Mr Saani also supports a review and total overhaul of the recruitment process into the service in what he says will stop those “protocol slots’” that has oftentimes riddled most recruitment processes, especially most of the security agencies with some politicians attempting to infiltrate the services with their people to the detriment of those who can really do the job and met the requirement. He advised that “it is important we separate politics from security”.

He reiterated the need for proper background checks to be done on the recruits before they are accepted into the service and also the government ought to improve the living conditions of the police and this will not make them vulnerable to any bad influence that will tarnish the image of the service.

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