How the immune system is tricked to protect dangerous cells – Doctor reveals


How our bodies are tricked to carry dangerous cells that lead to cancer

Doctor Miriam Merad released her new findings on how lung cancer invades the body through immune system cells that are tricked into helping tumors invade the lungs and body in general..

This disease according to Dr. Merad is mostly prevalent in older patients often in response to injury, frequent with smokers as well but all in response to repetitive stress on lung tissue. 

The doctor admits that the growth in  radiology plays a key role in discovering and detecting lesion progression earlier on with constant imaging of the lungs prior to recent the sizes of the beginning lesions and the fact that it does not hide in plain sight makes it hard to detect until it becomes invasive and spread throughout the body making it more difficult to treat.

A group of primitive immune cells in the body called macrophages that exist in two types propel the system into equally two kinds of reaction when faced with unrecognized tissue; reacting to sweat, the macrophage either tells the system to kill tissue if it feels threatened or to repair if there is no eminent sensed danger, just a damaged vessel needing correction or fixing.

So tumors result when the macrophage is conned to feed the tissues thinking it’s fixing a harmless tissue instead of killing the cancer cells thus they continue to grow and become malignant.

By: Jamila Abdul Wahab


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