Government is the primary cause of illegal mining – Bernard Mornah

Government is the primary cause of illegal mining – Bernard Mornah

Bernard Mornah, former Chairman of the Peoples National Congress has expressed disappointment at how the government disposed of its control of the mining sector and left it in the hands of the private sector.

Expressing his frustration at the development during an interview on TV3 on 28th September 2022, Mr Mornah narrated that the sector was under government control and was streamlined, but as the government withdrew, those working were laid off, and their remnant was in desperate need of income and started doing mining illegally without following the due process destroying our environment.

He added that “until we take deliberate steps to control mining, this scenario will not change”.

On the gravity of the situation where some cocoa farmers are giving out their Cocoa farms for mining and the devastating effect that could have on the cocoa sector, Mr Mornah chastised the Cocoa board for doing political talk instead of addressing the situation.

He then revealed that “for two years the cocoa farmers have not been paid for their pods and beans why won’t they be tempted to give out their farms for mines sometimes under duress? “ 

Mr Mornah then added that “I am worried about the devastative effects of the illegal mining and it is about time the state takes centre stage to control activities in the mining sector“.

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