Ghana Law School SRC president, Wonder Victor Kutor has been interdicted

Ghana Law School SRC president, Wonder Victor Kutor has been interdicted

Wonder Victor Kutor, the president of the Ghana School of Law Students’ Representative Council, has been interdicted for alleged financial wrongdoing.

The school’s SRC President has been accused of, among other things, buying a car for the SRC from his firm and another for personal use under dubious circumstances.

Mr Victor Kutor is also accused of operating an SRC-owned Mobile Money business under his own name and diverting profits for personal gain.

The SRC’s Executive Council questioned the president, but they were not convinced by his responses. As a result, they formed a committee to look into the situation.

He admitted that the SRC paid 62,000 cedis for a used Toyota Corolla from a company in which he used to be the sole proprietor.

However, he stated that he had revealed his involvement with the company earlier to the council members.

“I am not a member of the SRC procurement committee. I do not sit on the committee,” he argued.

Mr Kutor denied running an SRC-owned Mobile Money business under his firm name and diverting earnings for his own personal benefit. He maintained that all he did was to provide his merchant SIM to the vendor.

Meanwhile, the SRC’s Executive Committee which is investigating the claims stated in a statement that the interdiction is based on a prima facie case against Wonder Victor Kutor.

The Executive Committee reiterated that “Pursuant to the concurrent resolutions of the Executive Council of the SRC dated 17th April 2022 and of the Congress dated 15th April 2022 interdicting the SRC President, Mr. Wonder Victor Kutor, pending investigation by an independent ad hoc committee set up, this is to formally state for the attention and action of the underlisted that Mr Wonder Kutor is hereby interdicted in accordance with Article 34(d) and (e) of the SRC constitution.”

“The interdiction is grounded on, among others a prima facie case established upon the probing of Mr Wonder Kutor before the Executive Council on 7th April 2022, and subsequent admissions in a radio interview on Citi FM on 12th April 2022, which acts bring the SRC into disrepute.”

The Executive Council further stated that in accordance with Article 20(4) of the SRC Constitution, Mr Yoofi Impraim, Vice President of the Greenhill campus, has been appointed as interim President until the Investigation Committee’s conclusions are finalized.

It said, “Mr Kutor, is, therefore, in the interim not to be recognized or dealt with as SRC President. The SRC Executive Council shall in writing subsequently communicate the end of the interdiction if necessitated by the findings of the Committee”

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