Fire Service aptitude test sample questions and answers

Fire Service aptitude test sample questions and answers

The Ghana National Fire Service alongside other government security agencies such as the Ghana Immigration Service, Prison Service and Ghana Police Service are recruiting personnel into the services. Tens of thousands of Ghanaians bought the forms as part of the process.

Those who qualified from the first stage have been sent notices to go for Body Screening and Selection and later Aptitude test. But what is this aptitude test about and what type of questions will be asked. We are here to assist you in preparing for the exams as best as you can.

DisclaimerThese are sample practice questions or largely past questions that are not guaranteed to repeat in the main test but just to serve as a guide in aiding your preparation.

About GNFS Aptitude Test

The Ghana National Fire Service is under the Ministry of Interior with the President as Commander-in-Chief.

GNFS recruitment requires a good score on the aptitude test. Preparing well for the aptitude test will largely boost your chances of qualifying for the next stage of the recruitment process.

To qualify out of this stage, you need to perform very well in the aptitude test and you should be equipped with good knowledge of the test you will face.

Aptitude Test Scope

The format of the Ghana National Fire Service aptitude test requires that you sit and write the Fire Service aptitude test on a computer and at your nearest Fire Service Careers Centre.

You will likely be tested in the following areas as is seen in most aptitude tests globally.

  • General knowledge about the Fire Service
  • Numeracy knowledge & Arithmetic reasoning
  • Literacy knowledge
  • General Science

Fire Service Numeracy & Logical Reasoning Questions & Answers For Fire Service

Find the principal which amounts to ¢5,500 at simple interest in 5 years at 2% per annum.

A. ¢4,900

B. ¢5,000

C. ¢4,700

D. ¢4,800

Evaluate [(0.14)² × 0.275] ÷ 7(0.02), correct to 3 decimal places.

A. 0.039

B. 0.358

C. 0.033

D. 0.308

In a class, 24 students read Physics, 21 read Mathematics and 9 read both Physics and Mathematics. If each student reads at least one of the two subjects, find the number of students in the class.

A. 27

B. 36

C. 45

D. 54

Write 57774, correct to three significant figures.

A. 57800

B. 57700

C. 5780

D. 578

What is the least value of m if 2³×3³×7×m is a perfect square?

A. 7

B. 21

C. 42

D. 63

Factorize completely the expression
(h + 2k)² + 4k² – h².

A. 8k²

B. 2k(h + 2k)

C. 2k(2h + 3k)

D. 4k(h + 2k)

Evaluate in base two 11011 – 101

A. 10010

B. 10100

C. 10110

D. 10101

The length of a side of an equilateral triangle 🔼 is 10 cm. Find the height of the triangle 🔼.

A. 11.18 cm

B. 10.00 cm

C. 8.66 cm

D. 5.00 cm

Solve the equation 12 + 6/x = 9

A. 3

B. 2

C. -2

D. -3

If w = -3, x = 14, y = 17 and z = -2, evaluate [(x – y)³ + z²] ÷ w³

A. 23/27

B. 31/27

C. -23/27

D. -31/27

A function g is defined by g:x = (2x – 1)/x. For what value of x is g undefined?

A. 1

B. 0.5

C. 0

D. -0.5

In an examination, the sum of the marks obtained by Kofi and Ama was 81 and the difference was 17. If Kofi had a larger Mark, find Ama’s mark.

A. 32

B. 37

C. 47

D. 49

Find the gradient of the line joining the points P(-2,6) and Q(3,-2).

A. 8/5

B. 1/4

C. -5/8

D. -8/5

What is the time, in minutes, taken to cover 8.1 km at an average speed of 5 m/s?

A. 4.5

B. 16.2

C. 22.3

D. 27.0

Which of the following satisfies 3x + 1 = 4 (mod 9)?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

If 8^x = 2√2, find the value of x.

A. 3/2

B. 1

C. 0.5

D. -1/2

If 3log(2 + x) = log27, find x.

A. -1

B. 1

C. 5

D. 6

Simplify √450 – √200

A. 2√5

B. 5√2

C. 5√5

D. 10√2

Quame borrowed ¢300,000.00 from a GCB BANK. He repaid the loan in six equal instalments of ¢55,000.00. How much interest did he pay?

A. ¢3,000.00

B. ¢30,000.00

C. ¢33,000.00

D. ¢50,000.00

A man deposited $80,000.00 in the bank at a 12% compound interest per annum. How much did the man have in the bank in the second year?

A. $89,600.00

B. $90,752.00

C. $99,200.00

D. $100,352.00

The insurance premium on a 23-seater bus is ¢3,279,600.00 plus 5% of the insured value. What is the insurance premium on a 23-seater bus insured for ¢150,000,000.00?

A. ¢4,220,400.00

B. ¢7,500,000.00

C. ¢7,663,980.00

D. ¢10,779,600.00

The length, l, of a simple pendulum varies directly as the square of its period, T. A pendulum of length 99.4 cm has a period of 2 seconds. Find, correct to two decimal places, the length of a pendulum of period 2.5 seconds.

A. 63 62 cm

B. 79.52 cm

C. 124.25 cm

D. 155.31 cm

Find the length of the vector (4, -2)

A. 2

B. 2√3

C. 2√5

D. 20

The bearing of Q from P is 040° and the bearing of R from P is 130°. If |PQ| = r and |PR| = 2r, find |QR|.

A. √3r

B. √5r

C. r√3

D. r√5

When the point (4, 5) is rotated through an angle in the anti-clockwise direction about the origin, its image is (-5, 4). What is the angle of rotation?

A. 90°

B. 180°

C. 270°

D. 300°

If x + 6/x = 5, find the value of x² + 36/x².

A. 13

B. 19

C. 25

D. 37

The minute hand of a wall clock is 10.5 cm long. How far does its tip travel in 24 hours? [ Take π = 22/7 ]

A. 0.66 m

B. 1.32 m

C. 7.92 m

D. 15.84 m

A water tank is a cube of side 2 m the depth of water in it is 60 cm. What is the volume of water in the tank?

A. 2.4 m³

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B. 4 m³

C. 8 m³

D. 24 m³

Given that A = 60° and B = 30°, evaluate (sin B + 2 cos A) ÷ cos B, leaving your answer in surd form.

A. 3√3

B. 1 + 2√3

C. √3

D. 1 – √3

There are 40 identical marbles in a box. 18 of the marbles are blue, 14 red and 8 green. What is the probability that a marble selected at random is either blue or green?

A. 1/5

B. 9/20

C. 11/20

D. 13/20

The mean of the numbers 15, 21, 17, 26, 18, 29 is 21. Calculate the standard deviation of the numbers.

A. 0

B. 5

C. 6

D. 25

Fire Service General knowledge Questions & Answers

What is the organization of the Fire Service

  • Answer: The Fire Service is composed of the Fire Service general recruits and Fire Service officers

What was the Fire Service established

Answer: It was established in 1997 under Act 219 to Extinguish fires and provide humanitarian services and was re-established by Act 537

What is the Fire Service command structure

Answer: The Ghana Fire Service command structure extends from the minister of interior in the government to commanders in the field. Ghana Immigration Service units are deployed in the capital regions, and in Ghana’s border regions.

What is the rank structure of the Fire Service

Officer Ranks

  • Chief Fire Officer (CFO)
  • Deputy Chief Fire Officer (DCFO)
  • Assistant Chief Fire Officer (ACFO)
  • Divisional Officer Grade One (DO i)
  • Divisional Officer Grade Two (DO ii)
  • Divisional Officer Grade Three (DO iii)
  • Assistant Divisional Officer Grade One (ADO i)
  • Assistant Divisional Officer Grade One (ADO ii)
  • Cadet Officer (CO) (Corps Training Into Becoming Senior Officers At The Fire Academy And Training School (Fats)).

Junior Officer Ranks

  • Station Officer Grade One (STN/Oi) Or Group Officer Grade One (GO I)
  • Station Officer Grade Two (STN/Oii) Or Group Officer Grade Two
  • (Go Ii) Assistant Station Officer (ASO) Or Deputy Group Officer (DGO)
  • Subordinate Officer (SUB/O) Or Assistant Group Officer(AGO)
  • Leading Fireman (LFM) Or Leading Firewoman (LFW)
  • Senior Fireman (SFM) Or Senior Firewoman (SFW)
  • Fireman (FM) Or Firewoman (FW)
  • Recruit Fireman (RFM) Or Recruit Firewoman (RFW)

What equipment has the Fire Service

The equipment consists of older weapons of British, Brazilian, Swiss, Swedish, Israeli, and Finnish origin. The Ghanaian Fire Service inventory gave the following equipment: FV-601 Saladin and EE-9 Cascavel reconnaissance vehicles; MOWAG Piranha armoured personnel carriers; 81mm and 120mm mortars; 84mm recoilless launchers; and 14.5mm ZPU-4 and 23mm ZU-23-2 air defence guns.

Fire Service General knowledge Questions & Answers For Fire Service

When was the Fire Service established?

ANSWER: The Fire Service was collectively established in 1957 in Accra, Ghana

Who Is The Current Chief Fire Service

ANSWER: Edwin Ekow Blankson

What are the objectives of the Fire Service?

ANSWER: The GNFS has a broad objective of prevention and management of undesired fires. This includes inspection of high rise and commercial buildings equipped with the necessary fire engineering, Organizing and educating the public on the hazards of fire, Road Traffic extrication and other matters related.

What is the Motto Of the Ghana Fire Service

The GNFS motto is “We Save Lives and Properties From Undesired Fires.”.

When did Ghana gain independence?

ANSWER: 6 March 1957

Which year was the Ghana flag designed and who designed it?

ANSWER: The flag of Ghana was designed and adopted in 1957 and was flown until 1962, and then reinstated in 1966.

The Ghana flag was designed by Miss Theodosia Okoh

Fire Service Literacy Questions & Answers For Fire Service

Read the passage below, and answer question

Websites provide detailed, specific information on a wide variety of topics. Websites may offer objective information, or they may present a person’s opinion about a topic. Because web pages come from such a wide range of sources, it is vital that you evaluate the authority and the background of the Website before using or accepting any of the information presented.

1. The author’s main purpose in the passage is to

A. Caution on the use of electronic text
B. Present sources of information
C. Condemn the web information
D. Commend electronic texts

2. Which of the following sentences has the correct noun, pronoun and verb

A. That bag is her’s but she has allowed the friend to take it
B. That bag is hers’ but she have allowed the friend to take it
C. That bag is hers but she have allowed the friend to take it
D. That bag is hers but she has allowed the friend to take it

3. Which one of the following sentences uses the correct order of adjectives?

A. I bought a pair of new, nice red rain shirts
B. I bought a pair of nice, new red rain shirts
C. I bought a pair of red, nice new rain shirts
D. I bought a pair of new, red nice rain shirts

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