Female Teacher Who Feeds Pupils Incurs The Wrath Of GES

Abena Serwaa Mankosa

A few days ago, Abena Serwaah Mankosa went viral for her good works when she decided to feed her pupils with one hot meal a day fully funded from her personal salary as a teacher. 

Well, her good deeds are deemed abominable in the ethical books of the ‘all too good’ Ghana Education Service. The institution which was expected to be hailing one of their own for going the extra mile to ensure her students are also feed physically aside the academics expressed their complete displeasure in her act by summoning the female teacher to bring her documents for checks.

We cannot at the moment confirm what the checks are for and what documents they actually want to check but we can confirm that someone in authority is definitely not pleased with her work. 

This came as a surprise to the female teacher of Aninkrom D/A Primary in the Ashanti Region as she sees no wrong in her intentions to feed the poor in her little way. In a post on social media, she stated her reasons for doin what she does and why she would continue with it.

See her post below.

A screenshot of Abena Mankosa's post on Facebook
A screenshot of Abena Mankosa’s post on Facebook

Reports have it that, GES is accusing her of using the pictures of the pupils to solicit funds from people. Also, it is claimed she is using the school feeding opportunity to make it look as if she is helping or assisting the children in feeding them all by herself which they believe is not true.

Even though this act of Abena has got her applause from the general public there seems to be discontentment within the hierarchy of the Ghana Education Service over her generosity hence her summoning.

Is Abena wrong? Is the GES is on a trip of intimidation? We await to see and whatever it is, we shall know it all.

Source: Naomi Martey


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