Engage stakeholders of education on intended reforms – NAGART President to government

Engage stakeholders of education on intended reforms – NAGART President to government

The National Association of Graduate Teachers is not enthused about the government’s decision not to consult them in its attempt to reform the education sector.

Mr Carbonu NAGRAT’s President complained that he had “not met one person from that reform secretariat.”

“I don’t know the holistic agenda of the reforms,” he said.

Mr Carbonu said the government’s consultations needed to be more mindful of the stakeholders in education.

“I don’t know what reforms they are talking about. In education, you don’t do partial reforms… Where is the document that [we] can use as a standard of reference? How did you bring Ghanaians on board to come and understand the objectives and goals you are developing that reform?”.

“When teachers are not in tandem with your policy, it can be a good policy, but it can fail. Society ought to be brought along,” he added.

According to Mr Carbonu, he will not describe what the government has in the past been doing as consultation with stakeholders in education.

“You have already finished with the document. You have invited me to the last programme to announce the document to me. When I raise red flags, you say you have consulted me. How can that be consultation?”he quizzed.

“I have to be part of the whole process from the beginning and take my input… Let the inputs of people fashion out,” Mr. Carbonu insisted.

The Education Ministry has developed what it called a comprehensive Education Strategic Plan for 2018 to 2030.

It sets out the vision and policies for moving the country into a “learning nation”.

This 12-year document was developed alongside the Education Sector Analysis (ESA) 2018 and the Education Sector Medium-Term Development Plan (ESMTDP) 2018-2021.

Government had built the National Education Reform Secretariat to facilitate the implementation of key reforms.

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