Cybersecurity consultant blasts government for ‘unnecessary’ Sim card re-registration exercise

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Issues surrounding the Sim Card re-registration has been described by Mr. Yayra Koku a cyber security consultant and politician as unnecessary. Mr. Koku made the statement during a phone interview on the Active Morning Show on Thursday, January 20. He labelled the ongoing exercise as unnecessary.

He said “why do you put Ghanaians through this frustration? Digitalization is supposed to make things easier for us and not frustrate us.’’

With regards to the issue of the National Identification Authority’s letter to the National Communications Authority, he stated that the NIA is the only institution mandated to do biometric registration and said that the whole  idea behind the NIA Ghana card is that while registering with your sim number on the NIA database it is linked to the pin number of the Ghana card so why do you want me to link my phone number and biometrics again? he quizzed

He was also happy about the fact that the NIA raised that issue and he was sure about the fact  that the NIA is not happy with what is going on

Also, he questioned the role of the private company contracted to develop an application to somewhat repeat this same biometric process which is not necessary but all because of someone’s selfish interest. He chided the government also over the fact that the country’s security could be endangered.

By: Stella Annan | Twitter @activetvgh


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