China To Soon Import Drinking Water To Ghana?


With the way things are escalating and authorities paying lip services to almost all the hazardous traps set in motion by various actors, Ghanaians are beginning to feel that soon China will be importing drinking water to Ghana.

Foreigners mining illegally in Ghana is not uncommon but what is disturbingly shocking is the renowned vigour and ease of the Chinese influx into localities known for precious minerals. The damage is not just on farmlands but in their greedy quests, they spread dangerous chemicals through water bodies leaving in their wake damned farmlands and polluted water bodies in the aftermath.

Many localities in the country for years have continuously faced issues with the supply of water, either for domestic or for other of its numerous necessities. Some still trek far distances to source water at wells, and the government provided boreholes or mud puddles. Others are lucky to have access to streams but what is next if water becomes deadly for human consumption?

It is no news that China has begun attempts to grow cocoa and with how their citizens are laying waste to generations of the cash crop in Ghana, Ghanaians have responded to interviews saying not only will they [ the Chinese] stop exporting and start importing cocoa due to the diminishing crop but water to drink and use as well.

See below some polluted water bodies as a result of illegal mining activities

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By Jamila Abdul Wahab Follow on Twitter @activetvgh


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