Bus Driver Freely Assaulted By A Truck Driver While Police Officer On Patrol Relaxes On His Motorbike

bus driver assaulted by truck driver on the road

In times of distress the first rational thought of every individual in dire constraints always is to seek help. Help from a higher authority preferably those in uniform?

Sense of security of recent times can be said to have taken a back bench and the incident between two drivers and a patrol officer is one of the many instances Ghanaians’ faith in security continue to dwindle.

On Monday, May 10, at the Mile 7- Lapaz intersection a bus full of passengers from Lapaz was involved in an altercation with a truck driver. Before the video was shot both drivers seemed to have parted ways after exchange of words but the truck driver felt unsatisfied enough to cross over from the main divide of the highway to the other side walked to the bus driver’s widow then began throwing fists. That is where the recording of the incident started.

Take notice of a patrol officer at the scene who did nothing to stop this altercation but sat atop his bike allowing the incensed truck driver to have a go at a fellow driver’s person. Later, the Benz Bus driver got off his bus and reported to a Police Officer who probably was on patrol duty along that stretch of the road and was close to the scene of the incident. From a distance, their conversation was not audible but the driver seemed to have explained what occurred before the bout to the Officer who after listening waved the driver off and took off on his motorbike. The officer probably asked him to let go or go to a station to lodge a complaint but all we can confirm now is the truck driver had his field day excercising his boxing skills on broad daylight in a heavily occupied street with no fear of reprehension.

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This is not a picture of a secure Ghana if anyone can exert his or her frustration on a fellow citizen and go free with no repercussions. The integrity of the security forces will only attract more bad light if this unstable individual is not brought to justice, the assaulted driver compensated and that particular officer reprimanded seriously.

By Jamila Abdul Wahab Follow on Twitter @activetvgh


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