Act now or we will ask students to feed themselves – PRINCOF warns Education Ministry

College of Education students in a hall

Teacher Training Colleges have asked for permission to allow students to fend for themselves starting from November 7 2022 following the increased cost of feeding.

The Conference of Principals of the Colleges of Education explained to the Education Ministry in a letter that they struggle to buy food items due to the high debt they have incurred with their suppliers.

According to PRINCOF, the situation has led to the suppliers refusing to give the Colleges of Education their regular food supply.

The principals of the 40 colleges of Education further complained that the failure to increase their feeding grants too has left them struggling to give the students three square meals a day.

“It has become increasingly difficult for Principals to continue to provide three meals a day to students at Six Cedis Fifty Pesewas (GHS6.50).”

They explained that this appeal was to ensure that the academic year is not disrupted.

The Education Ministry assured that they are working to address the feeding situation of the trainee teachers.

In a Facebook post, Public Relations Officer for the Education Ministry Kwasi Kwarteng revealed that there are ongoing discussions with the Finance Ministry to address the situation

“On Princoff’s request for permission to ask students in Colleges of Education to fend for themselves…..

“MoE is aware of the urgency of the situation and is working with the Ministry of Finance to swiftly resolve all outstanding obligations/commitments to the Colleges of Education.

“The public is further assured of our commitment to address disruptions within the food supply chain ahead of the November 7th ultimatum.”


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