Ablakwa vows to expose the person behind the demolition of the Bulgaria Embassy building

Bulgarian Embassy building

An incensed legislator for the North Tongu constituency, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa could not bear the helplessness of the Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration Ministry as well as the Lands Commission over the situation regarding the demolition of the Bulgarian Embassy.

Evidence of the lease of land up to 2033 at Kakramadu Road Plot No 10 East Cantonment by the Bulgarian government was defied by a private developer who is said to have demolished the building.

Per the account of the lawmaker, the developer in the escort of officers with the Cantonment Police Station forcefully ejected staff of the embassy to the point of even assaulting the Honorary consul Nicolaas CM  Van Staalduinen whiles trying to restrain them.

According to the Ranking Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee in Parliament, the action is a violation of the Vienna Convention of 1961 and tends to blot Ghana’s international reputation.

He has, therefore, vowed to seek a  parliamentary investigation into the matter for the right thing to be done.

“That notwithstanding, the NDC Caucus in Parliament shall be demanding a full public parliamentary probe into these bizarre circumstances with the view to identifying all the conspirators and bringing them to justice,” he wrote on Facebook on Tuesday, March 15.

“We shall not allow the shadowy characters behind this hideous act to enjoy the comfort and security of anonymity; we shall smoke them and their collaborators out, and ensure that never again would a few greedy bandits damage our hitherto high diplomatic reputation.”

The opposition lawmaker added that “credible” and “verified” information point to “the fact that all these grave violations have been possible because of a ‘powerful man’ behind the invasion, demolishing, construction and purported takeover.

“I shall have him exposed in due course, save to add that those who consider themselves strategic allies of the Akufo-Addo presidency must reflect deeply on how their conduct will impact on the long term legacy of their most-favoured government.”

The legislator, however, commended the Lands and Natural Resource, Minister Samuel Abu Jinapor, for “promising to take positive steps to halt the construction at the Bulgarian Embassy premises when I brought this to his attention yesterday”.


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