A car snatching gang led by a fake soldier busted

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Luck has run out of a car snatching gang led by a fake soldier after they were spotted and arrested by the police.

A short video circulating on social media showed the other members of the gang seated on the ground at the edge of the road while the soldier stood and was receiving some light knocks to the head by the people gathered around him.

The man whose identity is yet to be disclosed is seen in a military uniform and handcuffed. Some of the people standing by could be heard saying “you are a disgraced soldier”.

We are not able to independently confirm at which area they were apprehended and how it happened but the scenes in the 30-second video showed a police checkpoint and an area that looks like a bush, probably not very close to a town. The language used by the bystanders was predominantly Dagbanli, a language spoken in the Northern Region and other regions in the north of Ghana. A few other persons could be heard speaking in Twi. So we presume they were busted somewhere in the northern part of the country though we cannot confirm the exact place as we stated earlier.

Myactiveonline will follow the story and keep you updated with any new development.

By: Clifford Adumbire | myactiveonline.com


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