20-year-old tells the sad story behind her life as a prostitute

20-year-old tells the sad story behind her life as a prostitute

Esi [not her real name] is a young lady who got into the business of commercial sex at a very tender age. According to her, it was circumstances beyond her that led her into the act. She tells how she got into prostitution at age 12. “I was born into a family of 5, I happen to be the only girl and the last born among two brothers”.

According to her, her mom passed away when she was 12 years old, her dad abandoned them, they were left with no one to cater for her and her brothers. Her brothers also left to find their own path and she had to go stay with her aunt.

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“When I was 12 years, my mom passed away, my dad left us, we were left to our own faith to survive. My brothers? I didn’t see them afterwards. I went to stay with my aunt. She started treating me unfairly. She never took me to school, I did all the house chores yet eat little. There I met a friend with whom I shared my plight. She told me when I’m ready, she will show me how to make my own money and cater for myself, I was happy upon hearing this but I didn’t really give in to her words.”

Her life in prostitution began when she was thrown out of the house after telling the aunt that her[]aunt] husband keep on making advances at her. She went on to stay with the newly met friend where she was introduced to the act. Since she wanted to make money and further her education, she decided to join in.

“My aunt’s husband used to be telling me how good I will be in bed, he nearly raped me. That was when I decided to tell my aunt who never believed me and hence drag me out of the house as late as 10:00 pm. I quickly rushed to see my friend who offered me a place to stay. I asked her to show me how to make the money and to my surprise, she said ‘ashawo’. That’s how she survives. She managed to convince me and as naive as I was I jumped into it.”

 After eight years of being in the act, she hasn’t been able to gather the money she wants to start school. She further explained that she got pregnant sometimes but aborted them as she wouldn’t want her child to suffer like she is doing right now.

She explained that the reason for not being able to gather enough money to start up her own shop is because she will go to the room with one guy but meets multiple guys in there. Either she agrees to it or it’s her life, afterwards, she won’t be paid.

“Of course I would love to stop and start a business of my own, probably learn fashion or be a beautician, but I haven’t been able to gather enough money. Sometimes, you enter into a room and instead of one, there are like 5 to 8 guys and they all want to have a feel of you. Either you adhere to what they ask you or they kill you and still do it, so it’s better you just lie low. By the time, they are done, going back home becomes a problem. Oftentimes, I bleed profusely continuous for days, passing urine becomes a problem.

“I’ve been in it since age 12. Yes!! I do go for regular checkups, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Sometimes I regret coming into it. When the one who introduced me to it passed away, I got scared as she was murdered. But I had to survive so I was very cautious. I carried a pocket knife with me all the time.”

That is the story of Esi, a commercial sex worker and from her story, it is obvious that some of the ladies out there got into it against their will. They wish to get out but like a slippery well, you have an unfriendly surface to support your exit.

How many are there with similar stories like her? What do you think could be done to help those who are ready to quit to successfully do so?

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