0ver 1000 men proposed to me when I changed my HIV status – Joyce Dzidzor

0ver 1000 men proposed to me when I changed my HIV status – Joyce Dzidzor

 Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, HIV/AIDS Ambassador said the number of proposals she received from men when she declared her Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) status, has been overwhelming.

In September 2007, Joyce suffered a lot of stigma from Ghana and the world as a whole after being tested positive for the HIV virus. Amidst the stigma was her appointment termination as the Ambassador by the Ghana AIDS Commission. This led to her withdrawing her statement from being positive to negative.

According to her, uncountable men flooded her inbox with love messages when she made the decision to withdraw the statement.

“When I declared that I was negative, a lot of men approached me. The proposals I received cannot be counted; it could exceed 1000, both via social media and physically,”

Joyce and her kids took the HIV test live on camera to clear the air about the status of her family who also suffered some discrimination from the public as a result of their mother’s status.

Joyce was recently reinstated following the termination of her appointment over a business she was alleged to have been engaged in with a music band, the test was not only in the interest of her family but to protect herself as well from men.

“The test I did publicly was not only for my family but to keep men away from me. Men can disturb a lot. The ordeals I have had to deal with since my childhood has had to do with men.”

“When you are a virgin your problems are minimal, but once you engage in sexual relationship with men, because of the spiritual aspect of sex, the diseases that come with it, that is where your problems will begin. I was supposed to be a virgin. I wasn’t supposed to have sex” she explained.

By: George Addo

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