Seeing Rich People Spend And Buy Things I Can’t Afford Motivates Me – Netizen

In most cases, life becomes hellish for us not because of our supposed failure but as a result of the unexplained successes chalked by peers, colleagues and relatives around us. There are most people who sure know how to tease with their promotions, projects, partnerships and so forth. With this in mind, a has cautioned people against being jealous of others. She, instead, admonished her followers to see motivation from rich people spending extravagantly instead of envying them.

Taking to her Twitter account, she explained why she feels motivated and not jealous of people’s successes.


She wrote;


***Dear POOR Nigerians,

Rich people are not your problem and they are not all responsible for your poverty.

I made a post today stating that I’ll be buying a new phone of $2000. I’ve deleted more than 7 comments from people telling me that I should invest the money instead rather than waste it on phone.

One asked me to keep things to myself.

One is on the post now telling me that she won’t spend unnecessarily on phones but would rather invest it.

Listen guys, we’ve said this several times but many of you still don’t get it.

Learn not to demonize things simply because you can’t afford them.

  1. I have seen a Nigerian demonize living abroad. This same person came inbox just a few weeks before she made that post to ask me to advise her because she has been denied Visa twice. Someone who has been denied Visa twice wrote an epistle about why she isn’t too desperate to live abroad, and highlighted reasons why she can’t. She went ahead to demonize living abroad.
  2. Sometime last year, a man in his 50s wrote an idiotic epistle about why he thinks it’s stupid for Nigerians to spend so much money sending their children to school abroad. That instead of sending his children to school abroad, they sent their child to Nigerian Universities. And today, he and his wife have two houses. He claimed that they would have still been renting if he had sent his children abroad. I almost made a comment telling him how my parents sent all four of their children to school abroad and were still able to build two houses that are most likely bigger than the two he and his wife built, but I decided to waka pass.
    While it is within his right to send his children to any school he deems, I take an exception to his attempt to demonize schooling abroad simply because he couldn’t afford it for his children.

For the past 24-hours, my Facebook friends have been writing horrible tales about their experiences trying to obtain their certificates and transcripts from their alma mata institutions in Nigeria. My siblings and I can’t relate. Because I did all my Post Secondary education in the UK and Canada. All I need to pay is $30 or £30 to have my transcripts and certificate sent to ANYWHERE on earth.
When I was evaluating my credentials with WES, it took 48-72 hours for WES to send me my completed evaluation by email while I await the hard copy by courier. This is something graduates of Nigerian Universities beg, bribe, cry, wait for months or even years, and pay through their noses for. I can’t relate. It’s not my problem.

These and many advantages are what a foreign graduate of some universities benefit over graduates of Nigerian Universities. But let’s just pretend that studying abroad is evil because YOU CANNOT AFFORD IT. Anything you can’t afford has to be demonized.

Omotoyosi is checking out apartments in the range of $2000 per month. I know I can’t afford such now, but I’m not going into her posts to insult her and bitch about. I’m not taking out my “poverty” on her. Instead, seeing those houses and the prices made me start thinking of ways to make more money, so that before the end of 2021, I should be able to afford a house even more expensive than that.

Seeing rich people spend and buy things I can’t afford do NOT make me hate them. It triggers me to work extra hard to be able to afford those things. *

Do you think she has a point?


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