AKER Energy, Petroleum C’ssion admit 335 AOGC trainees touted as Akufo-Addo achievement is a ‘scam’

AKER Energy, Petroleum C’ssion admit 335 AOGC trainees touted as Akufo-Addo achievement is a ‘scam’

Multinational Oil Company AKER Energy now led by Kadija Amoah and Ghana’s Upstream regulator, Petroleum Commission led by Egbert Faibille Jnr have confessed that an achievement listed by the New Patriotic Party in its 2020 manifesto and several brochures as Akufo-Addo’s success was a deliberate political “scam” to hoodwink Ghanaian voters.

In several paraphernalia of the NPP including on Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia’s Government Achievement or Delivery tracker, the government stated that “335 youth are receiving training” under the Akufo-Addo-initiated Accelerated Oil and Gas Capacity building (AOGC) program using a supposed $4.5million sponsorship from AKER Energy. The Petroleum Commission at a November 2018 Local Content Fair further stated it was undertaking more technical training with the objective of training 1000 youth per year.


Checks confirm that the government continues to tout the AOGC as a success when it has been a failure, training only 5 people in its four year existence but misleading the government and the public with deliberately “cooked” figures.


The NPP’s 2020 manifesto stated on page 75 that 335 Ghanaian youth are receiving training under the AOGC’s oil and gas skills module funded by AKER Energy’s $4.5million (and Baker Hughes $250k) totaling $4.7m. This has been revealed to be a lie.

In a statement in response to an earlier story by MyNewsGh.com, AKER Energy and Petroleum Commission admitted that not even a pesewa of AKER’s $4.5million was released and no training took place under the AOGC beyond the 5 people trained with Baker Hughes’ funds.

The question being asked by analysts since yesterday when we broke the story is how the NPP manifesto and all government achievement brochures claimed 335 people were being trained with AKER’s $4.5m under the AOGC program when AKER Energy and Petroleum Commission know, and now admit is not true.

In a response published via pro-government portal Asaase Radio, AKER admitted that no AOGC training has taken place under its auspices and also no cash disbursement took place to fund anything AOGC by the Petroleum Commission led by Mr. Egbert Faibille Jnr.

“An initial commitment from Aker Energy of US$4.5 million is yet to be disbursed due to a change in the scope of the AOGC” AKER sought to explain.

To make up for the collective embarrassment occasioned by MyNewsGh.com’s earlier publications which exposed the AOGC falsehood and the misleading PR around the failed program, AKER Energy under its new CEO Kadija Amoah claims it is now increasing the “audio $4.5million” by another “audio $500,000” to make a total of $5million which will go to fund “modern training facility”.

Since its launching in 2017 by Akufo-Addo, the AOGC has trained only 5 people when the larger government and the party has been lied to that 335 youth are being trained with a non-existent $4.5m from AKER.

The Petroleum Commission did not only overhype its mere 5 lone trainees, it also lied about training it was not even conducting.

MyNewsGh.com has received numerous correspondence from applicants across the country who expressed surprised about how the AOGC turned out. Some of the applicants who reached out to MyNewsGh.com earlier said when they saw the 335 AOGC figure being bundied about by the Petroleum Commission, they assumed the AOGC training had taken place and that they were not selected.

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Source: MyNewsGh

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